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Disciples News Service

August 13, 2014

NAPAD Sings the "Lord's Song" in Chicago

Communion during the Thursday evening worship service at Hyde Park Union Church.

With festive music, dynamic preaching and a cultural night featuring talents of the attendees and delicious cuisine, the North America Pacific/Asian Disciples 18th Biennial Convocation filled the hearts of Christ-followers with song and spirit.

The NAPAD Convocation convened at the Disciples Divinity House, University Church, and Hyde Park Union Church next to the University of Chicago campus
from August 6-9. This session's theme, "Singing the Lord's Song in the New Land" was based on Psalm 137:4. Preaching by Dr. Rick Lowery, Dr. Timothy James, Dr. Janet Casey-Allen and keynotes by Dr. Russell Moy and Dr. Russell Yee gave spiritual direction for ministry in the "new land," how to sing the Lord's song, and provided a look into the rich history of NAPAD within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

NAPAD Youth gather outside University Church in Chicago

Friday evening featured the popular NAPAD Banquet and Cultural Night where a variety of cuisines were featured, including dishes from China, Filipinines, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Disciples had an opportunity to showcase their talents through dancing, singing, and playing instruments. A highlight of the evening featured a youth group from Sinapi Seed Fellowship of Palo Alto, Calif. Youth sang and played instruments ranging from French horn to viola as Rev. John Wu led the group by playing the "erhu," a traditional Chinese instrument. Also featured was the artistry of Shirley Lin Kinoshita, who expressed her talent through painting throughout the evening.

University Church sanctuary in Chicago, Ill.

As with many assemblies within the church, NAPAD took some time to conduct business by electing new officers and recognizing members of NAPAD that recently were named to leadership roles within the wider church. Janet Casey-Allen, the presiding moderator for NAPAD, led the meeting. The new officers for NAPAD are moderator Rev. Dr. John D. Roh, moderator-elect Deanna Scobbie, and secretary/treasurer Shirley Lin Kinoshita. Rev. Vy Nguyen, Executive Director for Week of Compassion, and Rev. Paul Tche, moderator-elect of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), were also recognized as leaders within the wider church.

The business session was also a time to recognize emerging church leaders, including the recipients of the David Kagiwada and SoonGook Choi Scholarship Awards, NAPAD Interns, and the Dr. Geunhee Yu Covenant Grants recipients. Click here for a full listing of board officers and other awards and recognitions.

View a short video of several events at NAPAD Convocation

Moving day coming!

Disciple offices to move Aug. 22

The general ministries located at 130 E. Washington in Indianapolis will be moving to 1099 N. Meridian (Ste. 700) over several days beginning Aug. 22. Phone numbers and e-mails will remain the same. Only the physical address will change. Post office boxes will remain the same except for the Pension Fund. The Pension Fund mailing address will be changing. Check the website for updates.

Please be patient with any inquiries you may make during the month of August as staff are already beginning the packing process and will be unpacking in the new location the last week of the month.

Disciples Honored

There were two African American Liberation Awards given this year
at the National Convocation Biennial Session. This award is given to those who advance the cause of African Americans in the church and in society.

Rev Valerie Melvin, Regional Associate Christian Church in North Carolina, Pastor, First Christian Church, Reidsville, North Carolina "Serving the Churches of Christ (Disciples of Christ) and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with an Whole Church Spirit."

Rev. William Land, former Interim Pastor, Bethany Christian Church, Austin Texas; United Church of Christ Representative. "Committed to Equality and Justice for African Americans in the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ. With standing in various denominations demonstrating a true ecumenical spirit."

News in the Church Other News

Mission Station Closing Celebration

"Welcome to the Station" is the huge red banner hanging above the entrance of The Station that has greeted volunteers upon first arriving at the mission station at South Joplin Christian Church, Joplin, MO during the past 3 ½ years. On August 24, 2014, South Joplin Christian Church extends and invitation to join them in celebrating the closing of The Station Ministry as part of Joplin's recovery. The celebration of this fruitful ministry will begin during morning worship at 10:45 AM, followed by a Fellowship Luncheon and a closing celebration at The Station at 1:00 PM.

The Station ministry has been a vital ministry in the Joplin recovery process not only to South Joplin Christian Church but also the Joplin community as a whole. The Quonset Hut, a structure built on the church's property was purchased in 1947 to serve as a youth center and was built by volunteers from the church and the community. Over the years it hosted a range of programs and activities for youth and more. When the tornado passed through Joplin in 2011, the structure sustained some damage and the congregation considered taking the Quonset Hut down. However, the decision was made to re-purpose the structure to house volunteers. Again it was through volunteer labor that this became possible. Many both from South Joplin Christian Church and from other places worked tirelessly, with contractors even providing free or reduced labor and materials.

In collaboration with Disciples Volunteering (Disciples Home Missions), United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries, Week of Compassion and the hard work of many volunteers and members of the congregation, the Station opened its doors on March 18, 2012. Since opening its doors 1450 volunteers from 23 states have been the recipients of SJCC's hospitality during their mission stay in Joplin. These volunteers donated over 51,000 hours of service in efforts to return families to their homes. The work for our volunteers was provided through partnership with Rebuild Joplin, a non-profit Joplin agency. In 2013 the Disciples of Christ and the United Church of Christ sponsored and built a home for a Joplin family. Thanks to the response from many volunteers, Sid's house was completed in 56 days. The outpouring of love by the volunteers has blessed many lives in the Joplin community and the church. The outpouring of love and hospitality to the volunteers has blessed the lives of many who called The Station home while in Joplin.

Come be a part of the celebration as we are joined by leaders of our partnering ministries, Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ regional and conference ministers, Long Term Volunteers, volunteers, friends and other special guests.

This is not the end of the journey for this ministry but the beginning of where it will lead us next. I wonder........."Where God might be leading us on the road ahead."

Disciples Home Missions Family & Children's Ministries responds to border children crisis

If you would like to use the events in the news as a teaching moment with your own

children, DHM's Family & Children's Ministries have put together a resource for you. Posted on their webpage, this guide includes a synopsis of the situation in simple language, lists of materials to collect and other ideas.

Kentucky congregation possibly oldest in state

Michigan church receives antique organ

Disciple Volunteers complete repairs to flooded homes in Hughes and Emmonak

Disciples television pilot produced

By Irami Osei-Frimpong

The weekday life of a pastor at a community church is a fascinating vocation. On any given Tuesday, you can do a graveside service in the morning, marital counseling in the afternoon, and post a congregant's bail in the evening. The diversity of issues that go through the church are almost inexhaustible, so we'd depict how a small, serious, competent staff supports their community's needs: keeping the greater congregation satisfied, the board happy, the roof from leaking, and all of the while, doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. You can't do it all, so you have to make decisions and priorities, and always with Jesus in mind.

We are going to pull this off without resorting to cliche or cheap grace, nor are we going to be overly cynical; we are going to try to show how a staff rolls up its sleeves and tries to do the Lord's work in a fallen world.

Over the course of the series, the show charts the growth of a young pastor, fresh from seminary, but naive about the internal and external politics of running a church to minister to a community. We've seen that many of the abuses of power don't arise because clergy and elders are malicious, subverting the aims of the church, but rather, these abuses emerge from people being simply unprepared for the various responsibilities of leading their church. We want to show, through art and drama, what this preparation looks like, as well as the consequences of being ill-prepared.

We have just enough funding to film this pilot, and on the strength of this episode, we are operating on faith that we will be able to raise additional funds to continue the series.

Leaders gather to honor Oscar Haynes

Associate General Minister and Vice President Todd Adams, Christian Church Foundation President Gary Kidwell, Pension Fund President Jim Hamlett, Reconciliation Minister April Johnson and other church leaders gathered in Reston, VA, on Aug. 9 to honor the life and legacy of Oscar Haynes, first lay president of the National Convocation and spouse of First Vice Moderator Joan Bell-Haynes. Haynes was the recipient of numerous awards across the life of the church for his tireless work. He was also part of the original March on Washington for civil rights. The Disciples of Christ Historical Society named a room in his honor in 2008.

Encourage your pastor to take time for rest and renewal in October

Other News and Resources

Pacific School of Religion announces next round of online classes

CWS webinars for disaster preparedness available

Seven new devotions, issue papers for immigration issues

Resources for National Hunger Action Month (September) from Society of St. Andrew (resources, calendars, children's sermon)

Blessed Tomorrow has resources to lead in creation care | Government climate change report

Clergy Continuing Education Grant application process begins Sept. 1

Family and Children newsletter signup

The Landscape for Mission four-session video study series examines current context

EventsMinistry in Action

Georgia congregation hosts homeless family for a week

Texas youth make a difference in Belize

Illinois church hosts block party offering free school kits

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